How Real Estate Investar Helps First Time Investors

If you feel you're ready to purchase your first investment property, Real Estate Investar can help you figure out where and what to buy. 

We do this by providing all the tools and data you'll need to make an informed purchasing decision, based on the numbers and not emotion.

When starting out, it's crucial you treat property investment as a business and decide on a long-term strategy

As well as having access to our platform to help you find, research and analyse opportunities, we also provide on-demand help and training to ensure you can apply your chosen strategy with ease and find investment property that matches your buying rules. 

Get started today and see why thousands of Australians choose Real Estate Investar to help them invest in property.



Webinar - First Time Investor Masterclass

Join us for this free, on demand webinar to learn:

  • The importance of goals and how to set them
  • Common terms used in property investing
  • How to understand the property acquisition process
  • Finance - learn about different loan types and the difference between banks and mortgage brokers
  • How to choose a strategy that is suitable for your goals and current situation.
  • Who should you seek help from - build a team of experts.
  • Negotiation Tips
  • Research, research & more research - how to make decisions based on the numbers

On-Demand - Watch Any Time

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9 Tips for First Time Property Investors


This infographic shows 9 tips for first time property investors. It can can help you start your property investing journey more successfully and set you on your way to a profitable investing career.


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