"I joined Real Estate Investar and have since gone on to buy four buy and hold properties which my partner and I are very happy about."

Tess B, QLD

"The site has helped me focus on what I am looking for efficiently, saving hours and at the same time finding opportunities which I would not have been made aware of their existence otherwise."

Clement G, WA

"Loved the helpful nature of the people at the other end of the phone when you call in."

Nathan A, QLD

"I believe Real Estate Investar has very strong potential and can surely grow and lead our real estate market."

Harry D, NSW

"Having real-time data available at your finger tips along with being able to do so many searches on suburbs and streets makes my research investing so much more efficient!" 

Darren C, NSW

"I used Real Estate Investar to find property matching my criteria of cash flow and capital growth which saved me hours of time & helped me find deals before the rest of the market."

Cam C, Auckland

"Real Estate Investar helped me to delve deeper into any property. I felt like a real estate agent/ real property investor/ developer all in one. The data made me confident about purchasing a house and helped me explore and understand markets more deeply."

Tareq, NSW

"I really enjoyed our session. Before our session, I used the Real Estate Investar search features to look for a property that would turn out to be a good investment, however, you’ve shown me better ways to use the search and then go into RP Data and Property Analyser to research various other aspects of a property and suburbs and identify best outcome.

Your insight into these property tools and tips based on your experience will be invaluable to me in looking for the right properties.

I am eager to watch your webinar and gain more insight in property investment."

Mohit, NSW

"I have used investor not once but twice - first when I purchased my property and then as a buyers agent. It's simple and easy to use with research that works."

Charles, NSW

"We love your program. It's excellent, and has helped us secure a number of very good deals."

Michael, VIC

"Found a fantastic dual occupancy for my super fund in Tanilba Bay, 15% below market value. With combined a weekly rent of $670 p/w it provides a positive cash flow of $9,000 p/a and the prospect of good growth in property value. Thank you Real Estate Investar, I would recommend your product to all potential residential property investors."

Scott W, QLD

"Real Estate Investar is a great tool for searching the property market, it saves you a lot of scanning time as it brings up the ads from all the common websites on one page. Not only does it bring up these ads but it also gives you an in-depth look at each individual property in regards to median values, time on market and rental appraisals to name a few. This information is priceless in saving you time which is something we all want more of. Time."

Cameron, NSW

"Real Estate Investar and Xero are an awesome match. I use Xero for my business and now with integration for my investment portfolio. It is so much easier at EOFY. Highly recommeded."


Shayne B, NSW

"It was so worth the subscription cost of joining Real Estate Investar. Thank you for helping us to grow a property portfolio that will give us a great lifestyle."

Adrian M, NSW

 "I didn't realise just how efficient Real Estate Investar was. It quite literally slashed my research time to a fraction of what I had been spending to find property deals."

Emily G, VIC

"Both Real Estate Investar and Xero together are invaluable tools that I use to manage my property portfolio. It allows me to get a quick insight into my property business and it is extremely valuable."

Trevor I, SA

"I think this is a great platform for any looking into real estate investing and getting property at below market value."


Stuart C, NSW

"A great base of real estate knowledge."

Carolyn Dossetor, NSW

"My renovation has propelled my investing portfolio and provided a $50,000 equity gain, plus the property is cash flow positive after every expense. I fully endorse Real Estate Investar and can prove the results."

Jeremy T, WA

"Real Estate Investar has helped improve our quality of life. Our portfolio is now cash flow positive, and it has provided an excellent return on investment."

Timothy C, NSW

"A real time saver, the ability to narrow down searches in the blink of an eye. To understand if the property is a good investment or where the property is truly discounted means the small monthly investment is in itself a great deal."

Ben R, QLD

"REI is a great tool for effectively identifying properties to buy for different investment strategies. Through its partnership arrangements, it is also a highly convenient and efficient way to understand the values of particular types of property within any area."

Tiana, SA

"It's an awesome tool to use highly recommend."


John D, NSW

"Using a tool such as Real Estate Investar has made my property investing a lot simpler by combining most of my search needs into one central location."

George G, QLD

"The Investar Search search engine combined with My Valuer and My Research gave us the capability to identify the right property (that aligned with our criteria) and the confidence to negotiate an excellent (discounted) price based on comparable sales evidence."

Debra S, NSW

"I came across Real Estate Investar through an advertisement through the property investor magazine and was blown away by the power of the search functionality your site offers."


Steve P, QLD

"My Valuer and My Research helped me to check the history, title and estimated market valuation, to help identify properties where I could secure some immediate equity.

I used to spend hours checking newspaper listings and other property mags, but thanks to Real Estate Investar, not anymore."

Aaron D, NSW

"Early days, but I believe I have just added/invested in an important tool to my investor tool box, that will enable me to be a more efficient real-estate investor. Here's to a step closer to growth and freedom :)"

Bronwyn Moore, WA

"A tool to facilitate property search."

Michael Boules, QLD


"Great tool. It empowers the investor."

Ganga Sagar, QLD

"Fabulous session today thank you.
It was invaluable to have the step-by-step walk through of Investar/RP Data tailored to my particular property strategy and criteria.

Comprehensive and clearly imparted knowledge not just on the Investar/RP Data tools but also tips on how to analyse the data and what to look for.
This is certainly going to streamline the time and focus of my property searches going forward."

Kim Cooper, QLD

"Love the product, finding great deals in locations I choose. Has great back up financials as well.  Thanks for creating this such a time saver."

Cheryl, QLD

"Thank you for your time today. It was very informative and I now have a better idea of how to navigate the system to get what I need.

I had tried to use the system and now know how to better search to get what I need.  I can’t wait to 'play' with it again this weekend when I have more time to concentrate!"



"Thank you so much for the tutorial today. Stephan and I found it very informative and helpful. We are CoreLogic subscribers for more than a year but there are several tools that you’ve shown us today that we were unaware of.

For instance, we have spent a lot of time doing suburb and market research for comparable sales properties and printing individual sold property for all the suburbs that we were interested in.

All of this can actually be done through CMA report. In addition to that, you have also shown us the functionality in Archistar which might be very useful to us as a property developers.

We really appreciated your time today"

Stephan & Debbie, QLD


This information was provided voluntarily by Real Estate Investar members and has not been checked and verified by Real Estate Investar for accuracy or completeness.

The examples illustrate what a subscriber claims to have achieved using Real Estate Investar's tools. It is possible that changes in the market, mean the financial performance of the examples shown may be different today.

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