Positive Cash Flow Property

The positive cash flow property investment strategy involves seeking out properties where monthly income exceeds holding costs.  This will generate surplus cash flow for you pre-tax.

Proponents of the positive cash flow strategy point to the advantages of owning income-generating assets, including having access to an extra income stream month to month.


Webinar - How To Find, Analyse & Research Cash Flow Opportunities

The 60-minute, simulated live webinar will include:
  • How to use specific filters and strategies to pinpoint properties with yields of 8% + and strong cash flow potential.
  • How to use our suburb performance reports to identify suburbs with high cash flow potential.
  • How to run the numbers to determine the property's cash flow and equity position.
  • Estimating the value of the property to ensure we are buying the property at the right price and not paying over market value.
  • How to do further research on the property and its suburb to ensure its long term investment fundamentals stack up.

On-Demand - Watch Any Time

Positive Cash Flow Articles

positive cash flow property

Pros and Cons of Positive Cash Flow Investment

Is this strategy right for you?

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Adding a Granny Flat to your Property

Granny flats have become more popular with investors in recent years as a way of increasing their capital gain and rental income. These dwellings are self-contained on the same block of land and are secondary to the main property.

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[Infographic] 5 Easy Ways to Find Positive Cashflow Property

The positive cash flow property investment strategy involves purchasing property that will create surplus cashflow pre-tax. 

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