Subdividing Property

Subdividing a property can be one of the fastest ways to create equity and boost your long term profits.

It provides property owners with a number of options - land banking, sell the land or build to sell and/or hold. 

On this page you will find lots of free resources to help you apply this strategy successfully. 


Webinar - How to Find and Assess Subdivision and Development Sites Like A Pro

This 60-minute guided webinar will cover:

  • How to identify multiple existing lots on 1 title
  • How to find off-market splitter block deals
  • Different subdivision configurations including corner, battle-axe and widow blocks
  • How to check for precedence in an area
  • Where to find maximum building height, minimum lot size, council and zoning data
  • Where to see street frontage and site easement details
  • How to run cash flow, capital growth or development feasibility on any potential investment property
  • Plus much more!

All attendees will receive a free subdivision budget calculator and also a pack of suburb reports, showing the areas with the highest proportion of properties with two lots on one title.

This is a simulated live webinar.

Wednesday 10 April at 7pm AEST

Using Real Estate Investar to find your next Subdivision Opportunity

These videos demonstrate how to use Real Estate Investar to find, analyse and research subdivision opportunities.


Subdivision Articles

subdivision on-demand webinar-1

Pros and Cons of Doing a Subdivision

Subdividing a property provides potential high returns to property owners but there are also higher risks to be aware of.



What are Widow Blocks?

Widow blocks still currently exist and allow property owners to subdivide the lot in to smaller blocks.


What are Two Lots on One Title?

Subdivisions are a great strategy to manufacture equity and provides property owners with a number of options - land banking, sell the land or build to sell and/or hold.


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