Investar Search

A highly sophisticated yet simple to use search engine that helps you find property investment opportunities matching your investing strategy and buying rules.

Investar Search is included in our Starter, Professional and Advanced Plans.

Investar Search

Powerful suite of investor focused search filters

Investar Search is designed to help you instantly pinpoint the properties that match your buying criteria.  

You'll access 34 filters including

  • Property investing strategy e.g. renovation, discount, cash flow, sub-division, strata title, development
  • Suburb Median
  • Property Median
  • Listing Age

Investar Search Dashboard

Data rich listings results

After you have completed your search, your results will be displayed, overlayed with investor-focused data, including:

  • Median suburb growth rates
  • Estimated cash flow, yields and returns
  • Zoning information

Investar Search results

Strategy-based searches

These quick videos show you how easy it is to find investment property that matches your strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many properties can I search using Investar Search?

You can search over 600,000 property listings using Investar Search, and quickly find those that match your strategy and buying rules.

How many search filters are there?

You can use 34 investor focused filters to find property that matches your strategy and buying criteria.

How often are properties updated in Investar Search?

Property listings are updated daily.

Can I save a search using Investar Search?

Yes.  You can save any search using the saved search function in the Investar Search dashboard.




You can expand this view by clicking on the arrow, this will show a list of your saved searches.


You can edit and delete your searches from here.




You can also re-run your search and view your results by clicking on the saved search name.




You can add individual properties from your saved search to your watchlist by clicking on the star icon on the left hand side of each listing.




Your watchlist can be found at the top left hand corner of the Investar Search homepage.


You can expand this view by clicking on the arrow, this will show a list of your watchlist properties.

How can I eliminate properties coming back in my results with no asking price?

  1. Click Investar Search.
  2. Select "1" in the "minimum" filter under "Price range".

This will only return properties to the results list with a price (excludes any properties that are going to auction or where the listing states "Contact Agent" or "Price by negotiation").




How do I search for suburbs around a CBD in Investar Search?

  1. Click on "More location options".
  2. Under the "Location advanced filter", select "Search radius".
  3. Enter your desired distance.
  4. Enter your postcode.  If you're not sure on the postcode, click on "Postcode Search" and it will launch the Australia Post website so you can identify the postcode of your target suburb.




How do I review my results in Investar Search?

Once you run a search in Investar Search the results will be displayed with total number of listings searched at the top and number of matching properties displayed.

You can further refine your filters by clicking on the pop out tab on the left hand side of the search results.





Watch this video to learn more:



How much does it cost to use Investar Search?

Investar Search is included in all of our plans.

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