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Property Analyser on PC

Accurately forecast a property's financial return

  • Easy to measure portfolio performance through the intuitive dashboard.

  • Cash flow and growth are forecasted automatically.

  • Income, expenses, pre-tax cash flow and capital growth is estimated for more than 600,000 sales listings automatically.

  • It takes seconds to refine your 10-year forecast.


Know your financial KPIs

  • Real time analysis of surplus equity, borrowing power, Debt Service Ratio (DSR) and Loan to Value Ratio (LVR).

  • Know when you can afford your next property.

  • Analyse short or long term rentals - you can forecast income and expenses accurately.

Property Analyser

See Property Analyser in Action

These videos demonstrate how to use Property Analyser to help you forecast how well a property will perform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a new property into Property Analyser?

  1. Click on Property Analyser.
  2. Enter the property address, property type, land area, number of bedrooms, bath and car parks and click Add property.
  3. To use the loan details and expenses that you've set up from your default profile, tick the box "Use my default profile".
  4. Follow the prompts and add/update any information, when you reach the last page Tax & market, click Results to run the Property Analyser report.

To see the full steps on how to complete all the fields in Property Analyser, please watch the video below.



How do I change the capital growth rate or CPI rate for specific years?

You will have the option to click Edit future years forcasts for your property analysis, this will allow you to make changes to the following fileds for each year:

  • Capital growth rate %
  • Consumer price index %
  • Property market value $
  • Rental income $
  • Property expenses $
  • Interest rate %
  • Interest payments $
  • Principal payments $
  • Depreciation $
  • Land Tax



How do I expand the Property Analyser report to see all years from 1-10?

The report will default to display years 1, 3, 5 and 10 however you have the option to click Show all years (0-10) which will then display the full forecast from years 1 to year 10 inclusive.


You can re-select Show only years 1, 3, 5 & 10 if you wish to.




How do I move my property from Property Analyser to Portfolio Tracker?

Click Move to Portfolio Tracker at the top of the Property Analyser report.






Learn more with this quick video



What do I allow for under the Other Purchase Expenses section in Property Analyser?

Capital improvements at purchase ($) - enter the amount for any capital improvements (renovations or repairs) you plan on doing after the property purchase (e.g. new kitchen or painting).

Stamp duty ($) - enter the payable stamp duty amount here, if you don't know the amount click on Calculate to launch the calculator to get an estimate click on add to analysis.

Solicitor's cost ($) - enter your legal and/or conveyancing fees (including disbursements).

Other costs ($) - enter any other costs that are not covered under any other section that you want to allow for (e.g. building & pest inspections).







What should I enter in to the Market Factors section in Property Analyser?

Market factors relate to the inflationary factors in the general price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time.

You can use the sliders or type in the box provided.





Consumer price index (%) - Insert the CPI (Consumer Price Index %) as this governs the average rate of inflation that you will experience in relation to costs. This impacts the % by which your rental income and property expenses will increase each year if they move up in line with inflation. This figure can be obtained from the Australian Bureau of Statistics or Reserve Bank of Australia websites.

Capital growth (%) - Enter the average rate of annual capital growth you expect to achieve over the long term. This affects the rate at which your property will increase in value each year and impacts your increased equity in the property. This figure can be estimated based on historical performance of a suburb which can be obtained from the Suburb Flyover Report.

Why does my property show $0 depreciation in Property Analyser?

The amount of depreciation you may be able to claim depends on many factors, including your property's age, quality of construction and your income bracket.

The estimate is generated from Washington Brown and they use comparable depreciation calculations to generate an estimate. In some cases where there haven't been reports completed for similar properties, this can also cause a $0 result.


How much does it cost to use Property Analyser?

Property Analyser is included in all of our plans.

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