Portfolio Tracker

Manage, track and optimise the ongoing performance of your property portfolio.

Portfolio Tracker is included in our Starter, Professional and Advanced Memberships.

Portfolio Tracker

Build a better quality portfolio faster

  • Track growth and cash flow by individual property.

  • Set portfolio goals and track your results.

  • Easy financial reporting.  Get instant, up to date data with quick links to the original transactions.

  • Easily forecast the impact of personal tax benefits and land tax in advance.

Portfolio Tracker

Know the numbers that matter most

  • Track market values, capital growth, equity, income and cash flow

  • Capture all of your expenses to help legally maximise your deductions and minimise tax.

  • Store files, photos and contacts for each property to help property management.

Portfolio Tracker

See Portfolio Tracker in Action

These videos demonstrate how to use Portfolio Tracker to help you manage, track and optimise your property portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio Tracker allows you to build and track the performance of your portfolio, property by property.

You will be able to quickly identify:

  • Estimated market value of each property you own.
  • Cash flow position.
  • Equity position.


How do I add a property in to Portfolio Tracker?

  1. Click on Portfolio Tracker > My Properties > Add a new property.
  2. Follow the prompts and enter all the information relevant to your property.
  3. Save.





How do I create entities in Portfolio Tracker?

Entities are ownership structures, things like personal names, a trust, company or even a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

Real Estate Investar allows you to have multiple entities. Entities can own 100% of a property, or perhaps in the event of a JV partnership, a % of a property.


  1. Click on Portfolio Tracker > My Entities & Goals > Add a new entity.
  2. Complete the fields and click "Save".

The most common ownership entity is Personal Ownership (i.e. under your own name) and by default, a "Personal Ownership" entity has already been setup in your account.

How do I move my property from Property Analyser to Portfolio Tracker?

Click Move to Portfolio Tracker at the top of the Property Analyser report.






Learn more with this quick video



How much does it cost to use Portfolio Tracker?

Portfolio Tracker is included in all of our plans.

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