Real Estate Investar helps you save time, minimise risk and boost profits.

Find & analyse the best deals

Easily find discounted, cash flow, capital growth, renovation and sub-dividable investment property.

Research property data

Estimate how much each opportunity is worth.

Get live property valuation estimates, comparable sales research and suburb data from CoreLogic RP Data Professional.

Make better investing decisions

Unique insights, tools and data will help you save time and make money in the residential property investment market.

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Find investment property that exactly matches your buying rules

With more than 1 million listings on the market in Australia, finding the right one is never easy.

With Investar Search, you’ll filter, search and analyse property listings from 20+ websites in one place that exactly match your buying rules.

The result, find discounted, cash flow, capital growth, renovation and sub-dividable investment property in seconds.

You’ll instantly see the key investment criteria on each deal, helping you decide whether the property can make long term profit.

Forget trawling through property portals. Finding the right investment opportunity will never be easier.

Investar Search

Forecast the financial performance of any property

Knowing whether a property investment can make you long term profit is difficult.

Property Analyser will help you buy on facts, figures and not emotion.

You’ll determine which properties are most likely to make sound, long term investment sense.

Create 10 year cash flow and capital growth forecasts, the key to understanding each potential investments financial KPIs.

Get real time, insightful analysis to help you only purchase property that will work for your long term goals.

Property Analyser

Get live property desktop valuation estimates and the latest suburb data from RP Data Professional

Take the guesswork out of property investment with the latest, accurate property data.

RP Data Professional gives you desktop valuation estimates with a single click for any residential property.

You can then complete your research with sales and on the market history, comparable sales and rentals, suburb growth figures, plus so much more.

With access to this powerful data (that the Australian banks also use) you can confidently negotiate on each purchase to help minimise risk and boost your profits.

RP Data

Discover profitable, underdeveloped sites

Analyse and search any sites to identify development potential and produce feasibility reports in minutes from your desk.

What once took developers weeks can now be done in less than a day.

Archistar helps you quickly check local planning regulations and guidelines and ensure your proposed development meets current zoning and overlay requirements.



Research suburb trends

Our unique suburb reports let you find areas that match your buying criteria. 

Each month you can access the top 200 highest yielding, growth, median price growth, population growth suburbs and many more. 


Track and optimise your portfolio with ease

Portfolio Tracker helps you manage and grow your portfolio with ease, with real time access to the numbers that matter most.

Track market values, capital growth, equity, income and expenses in real time, to improve your portfolio’s performance.

With smart, personalised property data at your fingertips, knowing when to reinvest and grow your portfolio becomes not only possible, but simple.

You’ll love the intuitive way real time insights on your property portfolio can help you make more rewarding investing decisions.

Portfolio Tracker

On-demand help and support

Get email, live chat and phone support, plus access to our comprehensive Knowledge Base.

Access loads of video tutorials, on-demand webinars and FAQs to ensure you get the best use of our intuitive property investment platform.


See the platform in action

This 10-minute video demonstrates how we can help you find, analyse, research and track profitable investment property opportunities.

Still have questions? 

Book a one-one demo with our Customer Success Team.



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What property investors think of Real Estate Investar


"I joined Real Estate Investar and have since gone on to buy four buy and hold properties which my partner and I are very happy about."

Tess Bins


"I used Real Estate Investar to find property matching my criteria of cash flow and capital growth which saved me hours of time & helped me find deals before the rest of the market."

Cam Cho


"My renovation has propelled my investing portfolio and provided a $50,000 equity gain, plus the property is cash flow positive after every expense. I fully endorse Real Estate Investar and can prove the results."

Jeremy Tailor

Western Australia

"Real Estate Investar has helped improve our quality of life. Our portfolio is now cash flow positive, and it has provided an excellent return on investment."

Timothy Cantrill

New South Wales

"It was so worth the subscription cost of joining Real Estate Investar. Thank you for helping us to grow a property portfolio that will give us a great lifestyle."

Adrian Melbourne

New South Wales

 "I didn't realise just how efficient Real Estate Investar was. It quite literally slashed my research time to a fraction of what I had been spending to find property deals."

Emily Greenway


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