How Real Estate Investar Helps Developers

Our all-in-one platform will help you find, research and analyse subdivision and development opportunities.

With Investar Search and CoreLogic RP Data, you can intelligently find and research 600,000+ sales listings from 20+ listings websites from across Australia, then instantly analyse the key metrics on each opportunity.  

Archistar allows you to find profitable and underdeveloped sites, filter by zoning, building type, floor space ratio, maximum building height and more and view planning details for any lot in Australia.


Webinar - How to Find Multiple Lots on One Title

Discover industry-insider tips and tricks to find the hidden gems and off-market subdivision deals in this on-demand, informative webinar.

This 45-minute on-demand webinar will cover:

  • How to identify multiple existing lots on 1 titleHow to find off-market splitter block deals
  • Different subdivision configurations including corner, battle-axe and widow blocks
  • How to check for precedence in an area
  • How to run cash flow, capital growth or development feasibility on any potential investment property
  • Plus much more!

You'll get a free suburb report showing Australia's top 200 highest yielding suburbs, as soon as you register!

Wednesday 8 March at 7pm AEST

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