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How we will help you purchase your next property.

Assess current position

Review finance and structure

Create property acquisition plan

Complete research and due diligence

Property acquisition

Ongoing property review

For hands-off investors who want an easy way to purchase their next property.

6 steps to purchasing your next property

Assess Position

Step 1: Assess current position

We meet to understand your current position and long term investing goals.

You’ll receive a complimentary and obligation-free consultation, which helps us understand where you’re at in your property investing journey and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Assess Position

Step 2: Review finance and structure

Getting the correct finance structure set up is crucial with any property purchase.

You’ll receive a finance check up with a property-investing specialist broker who will assess your current position and help you implement a finance plan to suit your goals.

Step 3: Create property acquisition plan

You’ll then receive a customised property acquisition plan depending on your budget, the types of property that are best suited to your individual circumstances and the outcomes you want to achieve.

This is the blue-print we will work from as we start the search for your next property.

Step 4: Complete research and due diligence

Our team find, analyse and research properties that match your property acquisition plan.

This involves extensive searching of investment grade properties for sale in suburbs which we believe can out-perform the rest of the market. We will then only recommend the best opportunities to you.

These opportunities are presented with photos, the property and suburb investment fundamentals and any other information we feel is relevant for you to make your informed selection decision.

Step 5: Property Acquisition

You will then be guided through the purchasing process to implement your acquisition plan.

We can help you decide the maximise price to pay for the property and suggest negotiating tactics to assist in making the purchase at the best possible price.

You will have dedicated support from our team to help ensure a seamless, stress-free process.

Step 6: Ongoing property review

After the purchase is complete, we help you track your property’s performance to ensure it continues to help you reach your desired outcome and long term goals.

You’ll receive regular property appraisals so you can keep abreast of all the numbers that matter, and where we can recommend ways to boost its ongoing performance.

Interested in purchasing investment property?

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Which type of property is right for you?

We’ll work together to determine your property investing goals and the investing strategy you intend to use.

For example:

  • Boost or replace your income with passive cash flow
  • Generate equity for retirement through renovations or subdivisions
  • Purchase new, off-the-plan property for capital gain, cash flow or dual income
  • Generate instant equity by targeting property below its estimated market value

Depending on your long term investing goals, our team will then create your property acquisition plan and research and recommend property to help you achieve your desired outcome.

So whether you are a first time or experienced investor, please get in touch today, we would love to help you invest in property more successfully!

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