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Meet the Team

  • Clint Greaves

    Clint Greaves


  • James Lawrence

    James Lawrence

    Marketing Manager

  • Ollie Falle

    Front End Web Developer

  • Rochelle Jaeschke

    Account Manager

  • Emily John

    Marketing Assistant

  • Logan Horstead

    Sales Manager

  • Dennis Wong

    Portfolio Manager

  • Sarah Deane

    Portfolio Manager

  • Justin Hams

    Portfolio Manager

  • Danielle Tasses

    Portfolio Manager

  • Tehana Payne

    Portfolio Manager

  • Campbell Venning

    Head of Property

  • Sharne Andrews

    Contracts & Compliance Manager

  • Marie Hazewinkel

    Portfolio Manager

  • Karen Austin

    Customer Success Manager

  • Trish Heran

    Customer Success Rep/Events

  • Sarah Tuxford

    Custom Success Representative

  • Gaylene Carr

    Financial Controller

  • Ben Fry

    Head of Technology

  • Emmanuel Basco

    Senior Web Developer

  • Steven Andrews

    Database Administrator

  • Nicholas Then

    Business Systems Analyst

  • Chris Herringe

    IT Support Assistant

  • Vincent Bastos

    Salesforce Developer