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Whether you want to start or grow your portfolio, Real Estate Investar has a solution to help you create wealth through property investment.

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Who you'll be talking to

Meet Denis,

He has been investing in property for the last 10 years and has personal experience with renovation and cash flow strategies.

He currently supports over 500 members. In his spare time he enjoys travelling, touch football and watching renovation shows.

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Meet Sarah,

Sarah has just purchased a discounted property and is currently halfway through renovating it. She has done some tasks herself and also enlisted tradies to give her a hand.

In her spare time she likes training her new Labrador puppy Julius not to dig holes in her newly laid turf. She is also an antique collector and likes to restore old furniture when she has some down time. Sarah has been a property investor for the past 10 years. She also owns positive cash-flow properties and has experience in optioning properties.

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Meet Danielle,

Danielle comes with 9 years investing experience. Her first purchase was a Discounted property, and she has recently acquired two properties off-the-plan.

She has a current real estate licence, and actively manages a portfolio of over 400 members. She is enthusiastic about helping people, and finds satisfaction in seeing her clients reach their investment goals.

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Meet Tehana,

Currently holds a Bachelor degree in Real Estate & Property Development and Marketing. Is a member of the Urban Development Institute of Australia and is currently under-going her full property license.

Tehana has an avid interest in architectural design, and is a devoted follower of Grand Designs. She is due to travel next year with the intent of investigating international developments both residential and commercial, with a keen focus on green planning and sustainable developments/materials.

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Meet Anna,

Anna is a seasoned buyer having acquired her first property in the late 80’s and has witness a lot of changes in investment strategies.

Last year Anna purchased a positive cash flow property that has already enjoyed over a 10% growth during this period. Anna has lived in several countries and brings cultural diversity to the team.

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