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We have partnered with Lawlab to help our members with their conveyancing needs.

Lawlab are a highly rated national conveyancing team bringing over 100 years of experience in property law and conveyancing to make your home buying journey safer and easier.

Lawlab’s current delivery team has completed over 33,000 transactions with a combined value of more than $10 billion.

Their proven process, combined with a commitment to customer service has seen Lawlab recognised as a national leader in providing high quality, efficient, transparent and cost-effective conveyancing.

Buying a property can be very rewarding but the process of securing your property does not end when your offer is accepted.

There is a number of legal and financial formalities to go through before you can call the property your own. This process is known as conveyancing and it can be complex and exhausting if you don’t engage a good legal team.

Hiring a legal team is like taking out insurance. No one wakes up one day with a desire to see a lawyer or spend money on insurance. Conveyancing and insurance are nuisance services…  no one actually wants them for their own sake.

However, just like insurance, if you aren’t protected by a good legal team and something goes wrong, the losses can be huge and it could mean that you are homeless or without full use of the property.

Real Estate Investar and Lawlab will work together to deliver you a complete solution to secure your property home or investment.

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